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Walking the roads of Mata Ortiz, one feels as if in another time. Situated in the northern mountain area of the state of Chihuahua, this remote village near Casas Grandes produces ceramics of exceptional artistic quality.  The surprising aspect of their accomplishments stems from the use of rudimentary tools, firing techniques and clays gathered in the immediate area.
Approximately twenty miles over dirt roads from Casas Grandes, Mata Ortiz is not difficult to reach during the dry season.  A good sense of direction comes in handy since the plains and foothills are cris-crossed with numerous logging roads which can become conrfusing.  
Our first stop is usually the home of Juan Quezada.  Over the years, Juan's pottery has become extremely popular and widely marketed.  Art lovers from around the world appreciate and collect his work which has steadily increased in value and demand.
While in Mata Ortiz you will visit private homes, socialize and view pottery selectons.  Every potters' home is open to visitors; the selection of pottery is amazing.  You will find items in every price range and you will truly enjoy the hospitality of the villagers.
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